Solventless Extraction Technique

One of the commonly used solventless extraction technique is the Rosin technique. It has been widely used in the extraction of herbs such as cannabis and tea. This method is useful for the companies that don't have machines to produce shatter like it is done in the laboratory. Shatter is just a type of cannabis concentrate that can crumble and break like a glass. This method has gained a lot of popularity in the online cannabis community for a good cause. Rosin is a solid form of resin. Rosin is simply derived by adding heat and pressure to remove moisture from liquid terpenes.

One of the reasons why Rosin technique has gained much recognition and popularity is because it is a simple and cheap method to generate quality cannabis products instantly. The technique purposes to separate resin from the plant material by use of heat and pressure. To be able to appreciate the Solventless Extraction Technique, it is vital to understand how to make cannabis oil with Rosin technique. To start making Rosin, you will require some few basic tools such as micron screen, flat iron, non-stick parchment paper, collecting devices such as dabber and the material to be processed such as bubble hash or flower. Read about  solventless extraction machine

This technique allows one to make a quality solventless hash that is purely clean. It is possible to produce much load and yield of the product by use if industrial heat. It is a very affordable way of obtaining the hash from cannabis flower. The items needed to make hash are also readily available and can be used for many times. The process is painless and does not require much effort. You can apply this technique at home if you have items such as hair straightener, silicon mat, parchment paper and the cannabis flowers. In as much as the hair straightener is a bit expensive, it does not need maintenance apart from just basic cleaning. It can be used for quite long for as long as it is functional. More info at 

Rosin method is safe on condition that you do not touch the hair straightening iron in the process of making hash. Actually, Rosin technique is regarded as one of the safest ways of producing high-quality cannabis extracts, especially when compared to solvent-based extractions. The process is cheap and easy to master. Many cannabis home growers and industrial producers have adopted this popular method. There is still much advancement related to this technique that is on-going.